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CV - Introduction



There's a huge difference between knowing "about" God and knowing God. While Pastor Steve was ministering in South Africa God supernaturally gave him a mandate to be bold in preaching, teaching, and healing because God wanted to be known as He truly is.  Consequently, Abundant Grace is passionate about intimately knowing the Person and Work of Jesus Christ. It is the foundation upon which all other things rest. (aee 1 Corinthians 3:11) Knowing God, really knowing Him, brings  transformation. True revelation does more than teach... it demonstrates. (See 1 Corinthians 2:4). Consequently, we have a passion for people receiving forgiveness of their sins, being rescued from bondage, and becoming healed in the Name of Jesus!

God's Word

We wholeheartedly believe the Bible is much more than a historical document written by men.  It's not a "something" we read, but it's the revelation (revealed knowledge) of Jesus Christ Himself! (See John 1:1,14). For this reason, we have a strong culture of teaching and preaching the Word of God and are continuously seeking a more perfect understanding of the revelation of Jesus Christ through God's Word. We primarily do this through the preaching of God's Word on Sunday, our Discipleship School, and our Antioch School of Ministry & Leadership Development.​

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The Holy Spirit

History clearly demonstrates that people seek control. This flaw, rooted in the sinful nature of people, has done great damage to people as many have encountered the traditions of men rather than the power of God. (See Mark 7:9-13). The Holy Spirit is often spoken about in man-made religion, but very little experienced.  At Abundant Grace, we desire to experience the Holy Spirit just as the first-century Church did!  We celebrate all the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and believe they work together to bless God's children and enable God's Church to fulfill Jesus' Great Commission upon the earth. (See Acts 1:8)​.

God's Presence

When Moses was leading the nation of Israel, he told God he didn't want to move without His presence. (See Exodus 33:14–15).  We believe this is the right attitude to live our lives with! We need the presence of God. It is God's presence alone that brings supernatural change.  It causes the hopeless to become joyful, the sick to become well, and the doubting to find faith. We put great value on worship during our services because it releases the glory of God which enables people to truly encounter Jesus as He is!​


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Prayer is primary and essential! The effective and fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much! (See James 5:16). Though misunderstood by many, prayer is one of the most powerful things a person can do upon the earth. It enables believers to fellowship and it releases the power of God upon the earth!  God has chosen to accomplish His plans through mankind and prayer is the vehicle by which that work is done.  It is through prayer we see people saved from hell, marriages restored, and people healed! Above all things, God said that His house would be called a "house of prayer" among the nations. (See Matthew 21:13). Prayer changes lives, heals homes, and transforms cities! 


Family is the primary structure found in the Kingdom of God. God is primarily revealed as a Father and He desires to make us all His sons and daughters.  At Abundant Grace we don't think of our congregation as members as much as sons and daughters of God's household.  This core value drives how we are organized as a Church and permeates the culture of our ministry. God does more than just make us part of His spiritual family. He makes us part of a local family called the local Church.

CV - Core Values
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