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March 19th through April 8th ending with a celebration on Resurrection Sunday.

When will the Consecration take place?

Who is invited to participate?

All are invited to participate. This includes individuals, churches, ministries, and businesses. NOTE: We encourage all to communicate their participating to their church or minsitry leaders for accountability and encouragement.

What Activities will be a part of the consecration?


We encourage people to safely participate in a food fast with either a Daniel's fast or a sunrise to sunset fast (6am to 6pm). We also strongly encourage all to consider fasting from all forms of unhealthy or distracting or unholy media. Learn more about fasting HERE.


We will be providing a daily Bible reading plan for the entire 21 days leading up to Good Friday and Easter.  This Bible reading plan will enable us all to be unified in the Word of God and will provide the basis for the teaching devotionals and articles, etc.


There will be a collection of written and video-based devotionals meant to challenge, encourage, and teach the Word of God


Prayer is planned to be a big part of the consecration. Prayer will consist of our private time with the Lord, corporate, in-person prayer meetings as well online prayer meetings via Zoom.


We are invited all to send their brief testimonies to so others may be encouraged about the good things God is doing in your life.  You can send your testimony to

Where will the activities take place?

Many of the activities will take place remotely through e-mail, social media, youtube, and Zoom meetings. All in-person meetings will take place at the Abundant Grace church building located at 70 Home Avenue, Rutherford, NJ 07070.

Is there a fee to participate?

There are no associated fees to participate.  Any love offerings can be given to the Gospel Mission Network to help fund the work of the Great Commission.

How do I send a prayer request or testimony?

Send your prayer requests or testimonies to

How can I connect to social media resources?

You can connect to Steve Hannett's Facebook page HERE.

You can connect to Steve Hannett's Youtube HERE.




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