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This Seminar, from February 24 - 25, will be filled with worship, teaching, personal prayer, and a lot of interaction. Some of the topics will cover discussion about...

  •  The condition of our hearts

  •  Our most important relationships

  •  Understanding the seasons we are in

  •  Understanding the operation of the 9 Gifts of the  Holy Spirit.

  •  And more!!!


Many wounds go unhealed and unnoticed because the outward appearance seems healthy. This seminar will get to the heart of the matter and shine a light on deceptions people have about themselves and life, relationships, and God. It's time to experience the healing God desires for you so you can reach your full potential for His glory!

BFC-Who We Are


Gina Blaze is the co-founder and co-director of the New England Prayer Center (NEPC), a nonprofit ministry for hope and healing in Easton, Connecticut. The NEPC began 30 years ago out of a passion to see people’s lives transformed through prayer, worship, unity in faith and honoring God. Everyone who has a need is welcome. Events at the center include guest speakers, life coaching, corporate and private prayer, Bible studies, mentoring and the popular once-a-month Hope and Healing events. Gina is a motivating and engaging life coach and a dynamic public speaker who is passionate about delivering messages of hope and healing. She is highly encouraged when God uses her to enact genuine change in people’s lives through her speaking engagements.

Gina & Dan Blaze 2.jpeg

Gina speaks to all people, everywhere. Whether it is women, men, youth and young adults, Gina is ready and willing to make a contribution in the lives of people from all walks of life. She has been welcomed by women’s conferences, churches, workshops, seminars, festivals and colleges. Recent topics include Breakthrough is Possible; Essentials of Life; Wholeness on the Inside; Spiritual Blockage; Experiencing God; Hope is Your Future; and of course, Prayer. Gina’s captivating speaking style and “giant faith” are contagious and freeing for all. Gina is also the accomplished author of Clean Love and Provoking Thoughts and creator of the “DeclareIt” application—a downloadable digital app that provides word notifications on Android and iPhone platforms to renew and restore your body, mind and spirit. A native of New England, Gina has been married for 40 years to her husband Dan who is fellow co-founder and co-director of NEPC. Gina and Dan have two grown children, and as a family they have served multitudes through prayer ministry and missions in 44 countries and many of the 50 states over the past years.

For more information or to contact Gina regarding speaking engagements:

Telephone: (203) 257-8240




“I would just like to take a minute and share my coaching experience with Gina Blaze. Gina is a Godly and gifted woman. There was a great evidence of the time and prayer that Gina puts into every session. She shares a great concern for the hearts of people and shares real truth without hesitation. I would highly recommend this course. It’s a great experience.”

“Few leaders carry the personal impact of Gina Blaze and few seminars bring the depth of relevant, practical substance that her “Alive on the Inside” Seminar delivers.  Her brilliant and approachable style makes the teaching easy to understand and useful for every person, no matter their level of personal growth or experience in faith.  We were so delighted to host Gina's "Alive on the Inside” at Jubilee Church.  Hundreds of people participated both from the church and from the community.  Everyone who came was impacted from the teaching and ministry.  “It is a must for any church or organization wanting to grow in their leadership, organizational health, and personal development. Gina Blaze is a sought-after speaker, minister, consultant, and life coach.  She is well-suited to speak into many applications.  Her ministry will transform your life!”

“I was introduced to Gina at the absolute lowest point in my life. Even though I had a graduate degree, two beautiful children and a thriving career, I was spiritually dead and had multiple addictions.The pain was so great—it’s hard for me to admit—but I did not want to go on living. Gina calmed my anxiety, and gave me a sense of hope. Gina talked to me and prayed with me for almost three months straight. Even though this was the lowest point of my life, it became the happiest point of my life. To be totally dependent on God. Coaching helped me achieve a peace that I had never experienced before.” ~B

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