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Abundant Grace Kids


We're excited about what the Lord is doing in families through our Children's Ministry.


We invite you and your children to participate with the entire church during the worship portion of service.  Following this, children from 1 Yr. old to 6th grade are invited to our Fellowship Hall where you will be greeted by a Children's Church Teacher who will guide you through the sign-in and sign-out process.


Please feel free to call our church office and learn more about the curriculum and great things happening with our kids!

Are you a first time visitor, you can pre-register here.

KR What To Expect (Anchor)
KR Description

1 Yr. to Kindergarten

This group is meant for children from 1 Yr. to Kindergarten.  A changing station is provided in our nursery. Children play games, work on crafts, and begin to hear the great stories of the Bible.

This group is for children who are in 1st to 3rd-grade level. A wonderful curriculum is used where the children participate in interactive classes with teachers who help them begin to understand the teachings of Jesus.

1st Grade to 3rd Grade

4th Grade to 6th Grade

This group is for children who are in the 4th to 6th-grade level. Children engage in meaningful dialogue around the scriptures of the Bible and are meant to be challenged in their faith growth at this level.

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