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Dear Friends,

We're living in the most serious and exciting of times. It is serious because the devil is working relentlessly to deceive and pull many away from the knowledge and grace of Jesus Christ through sinful philosophy, empty deceit, and the ways of men. (See Colossians 2:8) It is exciting because the devil is no match for the outpouring of God's love, mercy, and truth! He is no match for Jesus Christ of Nazareth! All over the earth, people are humbling themselves under the mighty hand of God and experiencing the outpouring of the Holy Spirit! There's no question that the Spirit of God is moving like never before to convict the world of sin, righteousness, and judgment (See John 16:8) This is the time like never before, to allow the power and love of God to pour on us in every way!

God has already decided to redeem the world from sin through the sacrificial death of His Son, Jesus Christ, invited us to be adopted us as sons and daughters and offered to pour His Spirit upon us. John the Baptist said to prepare the way of the Lord and to make His paths straight! (See Mark 1:3) This means we are called to remove every hindrance to the movement and will of God in our lives.

The Lord is calling the hungry, the tired, the bound, the depressed, and the hopeless. He is calling the humble, the faithful, and the obedient.

Whether sinner or saint, the Lord asks that we come to Him with authentic hearts so He may flood us with His Holy Spirit like never before

The love and mercy of God do not drip from heaven to earth. It is a mighty release that God desires to pour everywhere upon the earth!

Throughout the Bible, we see that the fire of God, representing His presence and power, always comes after sacrifice. This means that God's power and presence follow our response to His invitation to be filled with His life and Spirit. This time of prayer, fasting, and consecration is a call to all to allow the Lord to fully have His way in our lives! Prayer, fasting, and consecration are powerful ways to respond to God's invitation to be filled with His glory!

If you are ready to respond to God, if you are ready to experience the power of His Holy Spirit like never before, and if you are ready to experience His outpouring then you are ready for this time of prayer, fasting, and consecration unto Him!

This heavenly call is to all people, churches, ministries, and nations. It is an invitation to a part of God's move upon the earth, and it begins with humbling ourselves under the mighty hand of God with true repentance that is going to bring times of refreshing! (See 1 Peter 5:6 and Acts 3:19).

On behalf of the Gospel Mission Network and Abundant Grace Church, we both invite and welcome you to this powerful time of anointed consecration entitled, "Prepare the Way of the Lord". It will begin on March 19th and continue for 21 days leading up to Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday on April 9th! It will be a time filled with bible reading, prayer, worship, devotionals, testimonies, and many other things all aimed at preparing the way of the Lord in our lives and ministries.

We believe the Lord will be found faithful during this exciting time and that we're all going to experience an increase of the glory of God in our lives!

Yes! I want to begin my consecration journey!

In Christ's Service,

Steve Hannett

Senior Pastor, Abundant Grace

President, Gospel Mission Network

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